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November 2011

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Hi {!firstname_fix},

Welcome to the Free Fitness Tips Newsletter - November 2011.  First, things first - let me apologise for the huge delay.  I've been so busy that I just completely forgot I hadn't sent out the newsletter.  Still...better late than never :-).

Christmas is now just 16 days and during November I published a number of posts to get you in the holiday spirit as well as a selection of more traditional posts.  Read on for a full list of this month's newsletter contents...


1) Newsletter Contents

  • November 2011 Blog Posts! (featured in the right hand sidebar)!

  • Featured Article!

  • Featured Christmas Gifts!

  • Final Words!


2) Featured Article

Since Christmas is now just round the corner this month's featured post has a festive theme...

10 Low Calorie Cocktails You Can Try This Christmas And New Year

A cocktail drink with a Christmas decoration.

As Christmas approaches you are probably looking forward to a few festive drinks.  But did you know certain drinks contain over 600 calories per glass?  Just 2 glasses of these high calorie treats can take you over the 1,000 calorie mark.

In this article I help you minimise the calories in your Christmas drinks with 10 low calorie cocktails.  Each cocktail contains between 100 calories and 200 calories per glass which can add up to some significant calorie savings over the festive period.

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3) Featured Christmas Fitness Gifts

If you still have some Christmas shopping left to do then why get 1 of the featured Christmas fitness gifts below?  Fitness gifts are a great way to gently introduce someone into the world of fitness or give a fitness enthusiast their perfect present...


A picture of the Addictaball.I originally featured this product as 1 of my top 10 cool Christmas presents with a fitness theme for 2011 and it looks like I was on to something.  This is currently number 1 on the Amazon Best Sellers in Toys & Games List.  It won't improve the recipient's physical fitness but it will boost their mental fitness and provide hours of fun on Christmas day.  It's currently just £10.85 at Amazon.

2) Zumba Fitness DVD Exercise Kit including Toning Sticks

A picture of the Zumba Fitness Exercise DVD.I sent an email earlier this week letting you know that Amazon were selling this item with a 35% discount - the lowest price on the Internet.  Since sending that email they have lowered the price again.  You can now get a massive 40% discount on this DVD.  It's currently just £29.99 at Amazon.

3) Powerball

A picture of the Powerball.The Powerball is 1 of the most addictive fitness gadgets I have ever laid my hands on.  It's a hand powered gyroscope that strengthens your grip and the faster you spin it the harder it gets to hold.  Amazon are currently offering a massive 45% discount on the Powerball which means you can get 1 for just £14.99


4) Final Words

This year has gone really fast.  I can't believe that in just 23 days it will be 2012.  Free Fitness Tips has come a long way in the last year.  The readership of this newsletter has gone from 898 to 1,427 and there has also been plenty of quality content added to the website during that time.

Thank you for your continued support and readership during this last year.  I'll be sending a few email updates out over Christmas but I hope you have a great time visiting your friends and family and take the opportunity to relax after a long hard year.  Try your best to fit in some time for fitness over the holiday period but don't beat yourself up if you don't manage it.  A few days of alcohol, tasty treats and no exercise are not going to destroy a year of good work.

Until next time,


Tom Parker (Owner and Creator of Free Fitness Tips)


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